Optimized web shop doubles turnover at Bel&Bo

Following the assessment of the Bel&Bo web shop, Xplore Group defined a number of optimization opportunities. The project resulted in Bel&Bo doubling its online sales.

Bel&Bo operates more than ninety shops throughout Belgium. The Belgian family-owned company offers colourful fashion – clothing and accessories – in different styles and for the entire family. In 2012, Bel&Bo launched a web shop in partnership with a Magento integrator. In 2014, Xplore Group took over the project.


Xplore Group performed a code audit to assess the quality of the code and the web shop’s design. The assessment resulted in a series of recommendations. The main challenge was to improve the web shop’s performance and to optimize the integration of the Magento environment with Bel&Bo’s ERP solution.

Xplore Group succeeded in optimizing the web shop’s synchronization with the ERP system, reducing the load on the system and decreasing synchronization lead times. Furthermore, Xplore Group implemented various actions around SEO, the integration of a new shipping partner and marketing support.


  • 90 shops in Belgium
  • 1 web shop


Bel&Bo needed a web shop offering more performance, benefitting from improved ERP integration.

Our solution

A web shop with increased performance, better integration with ERP, optimized shipping, marketing and SEO.


  • Magento
  • Integration with ERP
  • Store locator
  • Memcache
  • One-page checkout
  • Ogone
  • DPD (shipping)
  • Multi-lingual set-up


Bel&Bo’s project with Xplore Group resulted in the doubling of the online revenue in January 2015, compared to January 2014.