FOD Mobility: on the road again

FOD Mobility (the Belgian Ministry of Mobility) uses Adobe LiveCycle solutions to automate the creation, routing and approval of special transport applications. Xplore Group implemented Adobe solutions to create dynamic digital forms in PDF, guiding applicants seamlessly through the application process.

While many Belgians routinely transport products across the country by truck or by car, occasionally the cargo loads exceed the normal capacities of the country’s highways and byways, and require special transit. FOD Mobility is responsible for managing requests for special transportation arrangements, such as road closures and escorts for large loads.


The agency receives more than 2.500 requests per month, creating a challenging environment for executing permits and logistics in time, to make sure that requestors receive their legally required licenses prior to their journeys. Xplore Group implemented Adobe LiveCycle solutions to automate the development of request forms,  the processing and execution of special transportation arrangements, replacing nearly all manual processes.


Using the implemented solution, the agency processes 99% – up from 30% when it relied on manual processes – of all applications ahead of deadlines, causing a significant boost in revenue. With leaner, more efficient and cost-effective operations, FOD Mobility recovered the development costs in just two months. 


  • 2.500 applications per month
  • 99% on-time completion of application requests


FOD Mobility wanted to accelerate the processing of special transport licenses, while improving on-time delivery of licenses in accordance with law.

Our solution

Adobe LiveCycle to automate the creation, routing and approval of special transit license requests. Adobe Flash Builder and the Flex framework to create an intuitive interface for citizens and ministry employees to monitor application statuses.


  • Adobe Flash Builder
  • Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES)
  • Modules used include:
  • Adobe LiveCycle Forms
  • Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions
  • Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator
  • Adobe LiveCycle Process Management
  • Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures
  • Adobe LiveCycle Output
  • Adobe LiveCycle Data Services
  • Flex framework


Xplore Group implemented a solution based on Adobe LiveCycle. The Belgian Ministry of Mobility uses it to process more than 2.500 special transportation applications per month in record time.

“Xplore Group implemented Adobe LiveCycle solutions, providing us with a clear, repeatable process. It helps make sure all the necessary information is included with a request, improving productivity and allowing us to process 99% of all applications ahead of deadlines.”