Mobile-first optimizes online conversion rate at Torfs

Torfs’ e-commerce strategy is based on an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to shop online, mobile and through in-store kiosks. To guarantee the customer’s seamless shopping experience and improve online conversion, Xplore Group implemented a mobile-first approach.

Schoenen Torfs is a Belgian, family-owned shoe retailer, founded in 1948. Torfs offers a wide range of branded shoes and accessories through a network of over 70 stores. Next to these physical stores, customers can also visit the webshop to shop online.

Following the success of the webshop, Torfs had to deal with challenges concerning the performance, scalability and conversion of the application. As about 60% of the visitors use mobile devices to visit the webshop, a new mobile version was needed.

To optimize the website and improve the customer’s experience online and at the in-store kiosks, Xplore Group created a seamless shopping experience through a mobile-first approach. Customers can now shop seamlessly from any location, at any time and on any device. The items in their shopping basket remain available at all times.

Xplore Group also mapped out the difference between the online behavior of the visitor and the behavior at the kiosk, which enables a customized user experience on the screens in the store. Combined with a smoother check-out process and easier search and product categories, the project resulted in a significant conversion rate optimization.


Torfs was looking for a solution to improve its multichannel sales model with shops, a webshop and kiosks.

Our solution

Xplore Group designed a mobile-first approach, offering a seamless shopping experience on any device.
Xplore Group implemented the new platform in just four months.


  • Built mobile-first webshop
  • Optimization in-store kiosks for an omni-channel experience
  • Personalized user experience based on AI


Customers find the right products faster and complete their orders quicker. Torfs achieved a record weekly turnover in the first month after go-live.