We are very excited to introduce one of the new Xplore Group members: studio360!

Our studio’s make it possible to shoot, edit (make the shot free-standing on a background of choice) and upload 2D to 360° rotatable product shots on our clients’ webshops or servers within 5 minutes of shooting the product. As our focus lies primarily on e-commerce, we found a great fit with the Xplore Group.


Our studios combine top notch technology, operational excellence, speedy service and of course high quality. The great news – this makes our service very cost-efficient and our clients don’t have to miss their collections and products.

What products do we shoot?

We shoot complete silhouettes, shoes, toys, design objects, boots, chairs, jewellery, books, bottles, hammers, nuts and bolts, packaging, candles, socks, belts, watches, glasses, cans, stuffed animals, magazines, handbags, backpacks, scarves, pens, pencils, mobile phones, teabags, coffee machines, dolls, strollers, towels, soapbars, bracelets, pots and pans, pharmaceutical products, ..


We came across the machines in 2018.
Where the studios are currently mostly used by big e-commerce players who can use the machines full-time at full capacity, we found a market in clients who have either a very broad range of products or clients for whom the investment of a machine is too high vs the capacity they need.


We spent the past year to finetune our business plan, involve our vast network and talk to many potential clients from various backgrounds and markets to find partners who are able to support and continuously improve our service.


Having spent 20 years each in marketing and communication environments, we know that timing is always of the essence, but quality and especially service are usually the victims of the ever shortening lead times. Being able to deliver a service which combines all of the above, topped off with a very interesting cost / shot is studio360’s mantra.


Although our backgrounds are very similar, Yolande’s experience leans more towards fashion, design and sales while Nathalie’s leans more towards fmcg, retail and general management.


We met about 20 years ago, but the real ‘click’ came 10 years ago when we were briefly colleagues and then again 4 years ago when we worked together at a digital agency. So, besides being great friends, we also know we work well as colleagues.

Our studios recently opened in Antwerp (Riemstraat 5). Please drop by any time when you’re in the neighbourhood and we’ll be happy to give you a demonstration! In the meantime, check out our site or follow us on instagram Already have a question?

Author: Yolande Rutazibwa & Nathalie Dumortier, Studio360