A day in the life of… bid officer Bo

Meet BO. She’s the newest addition to the Xplore Group Bid Office team

These are BO’s colleagues.
On the left you see Liselot Kustermans, the Bid Officer in our team and on the right you see Ynske Reynaert, the Bid Office Manager.
Together, they make your every proposal dream come true.


BO likes her job so much she’s eager to tell you what the bid process is all about. BO, Ynske and Liselot are your helping hands throughout the complete bid process.

1) Qualification

Bid or No Bid? That’s the question!

We don’t want to waste your precious time to bids that are deemed to fail because we don’t know the customer or we don’t have the right solution for the client or …


Ynske & Liselot created this crazy BRiQ (Bid Risk Qualification) questionnaire to evaluate whether or not to pursue the opportunity!


We make sure we align with the technical team about the roles in the process (lead, SPOC for the customer,…)



Our teams use time usefully and efficiently and we work on opportunities with a potential to win!

2) Work in progress


Once a bid is qualified, the real work begins.


Reading, reading, reading…
Meeting, meeting, meeting…
Writing, writing, writing…


Over and over again until our proposal matches the requirements of the customer, and we were able to create a good and logic storyline. Of course, input of technical colleagues and sales is of utmost importance.


What do you think, Günther?

3) Approval


A bid always has to be approved by managing partners, or by the bid lead. If no approval has been granted, the team needs to go back to the ‘Work in progress’ phase and revise the proposal until a ‘thumbs up’ appears by approvers.


“BO, you can send the proposal to our client/prospect. This final proposal is a masterpiece!”



4) Follow-up

Good things come to those who wait…

But what we do, is follow-up on things. This doesn’t mean we’re constantly bugging the customer with the question “Have you taken a decision yet?!?”, but rather “Dear customer, if you need more info, we’re here for you”.


Regular check-ups to build up trust.


And then, that moment comes when…

5) Won

BO wins the day!

If we send a good proposal created with great team effort to our customer, chances are higher to win, and create more revenue for Xplore Group. Of course, not every proposal will end up winning, but in every case, we’ll evaluate with the customer what we can do better next time. Won or lost – the stakes can always be put higher.

BO, Ynske and Liselot are there for your Xplore Group competence center.
If you need help with a proposal in any way (from scratch, or do you just have a small question?), don’t hesitate on contacting us:


bidoffice@xploregroup.be or find us in building 35B.


We’re your HELPING HANDS in the creation of your proposals. We will support you along the way.

Author: Ynske Reynaert & Liselot Kustermans