Radio Raccoons

Radio Raccoons started on Tuesday 1 October. With their technology podcasts, the young entrepreneurs of Raccoons Group want to give an interpretation of the latest trends in all things tech and find an answer to the questions they raise. What is possible thanks to innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence? What about social media, GDPR and our privacy? Who can we trust online, or do we have to seal everything?

"Technology is all around us and is constantly changing. Our customers often have questions about the latest trends and how we can innovate together with them. That's why we have decided to have detailed but not too technical discussions with various experts in the domain You can listen to our podcasts anytime, anywhere in the car or at the computer."

Radio Raccoons wants to make technology understandable and translate its potential for Flemish companies.

"We didn't find that in great Dutch-language podcasts like Nerdland and Computer Club. Radio Raccoons focuses more on Flemish business leaders, chief information officers, innovation managers, IT professionals and anyone who has a bean for B2B technology."

Raccoons has already managed to get sounding names for the first episodes. VRT documentary maker Tim Verheyden talks about fake news and privacy, about the role of Facebook and the government in data processing, but also about generative artificial intelligence and its application in automated fake news. Jonathan Berte of Robovision explains what we can expect from artificial intelligence over the next five years. In the podcast he gives tips for Belgian and European politicians and entrepreneurs.

On Tuesday 15 October, Radio Raccoons put two new episodes online, including Rudi Peeters, the IT director of KBC. At the end of each podcast, the guest also asks the next guest a question. Tim Verheyden Rudi Peeters, for example, asked whether banks should not continue to focus on physical offices throughout the digitization trend.

Radio Raccoons takes place every first Tuesday of the month and is presented by Raccoons’ inspired innovator and speech waterfall Deevid De Meyer. Radio Raccoons can be listened to online via radio.raccoons.beApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsStitcher and Spotify.

Raccoons is a technology group focusing on innovation and disruptive technologies. They consist of many different ventures, all with their own knowledge, focus and expertise. Ranging from advanced software prototyping, to machine learning, to chatbots, to innovative consultancy. They can turn your wildest software dreams into reality!

Author: Raccoons Group, 16 oct 2019