A hackathon against fake news

#FokFake! IT for the public good.

The situation today

Having said this, it is also true that customer journey mapping should never be something you do as an end-goal or a stand-alone project. There should be a vision on what to do with the outcome and a clear willingness to act. We strongly believe that every company will benefit from putting understanding their customer on their roadmap for the coming year as a vital part of their business strategy. Knowing your customer through-and-through will save you time and resources when developing new services, features, touchpoints, processes, etcetera, and, as such, it should be part of every discussion when you are considering moving into a new direction – no matter how small the change.

In #FokFake, Xplorers collaborate with young people to use innovation to make them more resilient to Fake News.

  • The Clash 8/02/2021 >> We will start with a talkshow and see what solutions are needed. Subscribe now!

  • The Hack 10/02/2021 >> Hackathon >> To find solutions for a #real2021.

  • The Sparkle 12/02/2021 >> Presentation of the Hacks and a voting for the best #fokfake solution.

The contribution of Xplore Group during this hackathon against fake news

Determining which information is reliable, seems no longer an evidentiary matter. We are pleased to use our energy and knowledge during this hackathon, and aim for relevant prototypes.

We send in manpower with expertise regarding

  • Application and software development
  • Algorithmic wisdom
  • Broad and deep knowledge of different technologies
  • Functional Analysis
  • Data Science
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data

#FokFake a collaboration between

Raccoons (Xplore Group)

Raccoons will use new technologies in the fight against Fake News. With 40 experts in digital transformation, Raccoons provides innovative solutions.


VRT Innovation
For futureproof media.


Lecturers and journalism students join forces to help young people recognise Fake News. Empowering young people and motivating them to deal critically with (online) information are central.

Recent IT fake news

  1. The signal from the 5G transmission masts supposedly has an effect on the spread of the coronavirus. Many radiation experts have disproved this.

  2. There was also a theory that Bill Gates placed tracking chips in the vaccines. These chips would be in contact with the 5G network. This theory is false.

  3. More recent reports on social media say that Gates advocates an invisible tattoo for children that shows which vaccines they have already had. These reports are false.

Social media intervened

Social media and Fake News go hand in hand. Yet there was resistance. Facebook, for example, created a manual to recognise Fake News, and says it will monitor and remove fake news as much as possible. Twitter introduced a functionality where disinformative messages are ‘flagged’.

The future

Assuming that the creation of Fake News is permanent, we believe it is important to do our part in developing relevant solutions. Digitalisation, algorithms and AI are an enabling and accelerating factor for challenges such as Fake News. However, we use them as tools to create a set of solutions and counter moves.


We are looking forward to the hackathon and are curious about the results. You?

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Author: Raccoons, 26 jan 2021