Better Quality childcare through a big data solution

With a big data solution set up by Xplore Group, Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) has a better view on the quality of childcare in Flanders. The application points out – in an objective way – where extra attention is necessary.

Kind en Gezin is an agency of the Flemish government. Its mission is to actively contribute to the well-being of young children and families through services such as preventive family support, childcare and adoption.


In cooperation with Kind en Gezin, Xplore Group built a model that tries to use indicators to identify which childcare facilities deserve more attention from the point of view of the customer managers before being subjected to an on-site inspection. The file data covered the administrative file of a childcare facility, a possible existing complaint file and the data from inspection.


The platform supports customer managers to objectively assess reports on childcare providers and, if necessary, follow up on a file in a more targeted manner.


In a similar way, Kind en Gezin and Xplore Group are building a solution for preventive family support. Analysis of historical data provides a series of signals that can objectively indicate the need for additional support. The application tries to predict where more targeted follow-up may be needed.


Kind en Gezin was looking for a solution to gain insight from available historical data to optimize the quality of childcare.

Our solution

Xplore Group analyzed the available data and, together with Kind en Gezin, built a platform with which customer managers can objectively test their reports against criteria.


  • R
  • RStudio
  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • Microsoft Power BI


Thanks to Xplore Group, Kind en Gezin has a solution that objectively identifies whether a provider of childcare requires extra attention and follow-up. It is an approach that makes it possible to predict whether a customer manager should follow up a file in a more targeted manner.