Increased customer satisfaction thanks to the mobile service assistant – app

Xplore Group developed a mobile application that supports Pon Automotive’s service managers. At the same time, the app increased the level of customer satisfaction.

Pon Automotive is part of Pon Group, a Dutch holding company consisting of 80 companies with activities in 32 countries. Pon Automotive is best known as the importer of brands such as Volkswagen, MAN and Continental in the Netherlands.


As part of Pon Automotive’s digital strategy, Xplore Group designed and developed the Mobile Service Assistant (MSA). The application supports service advisors and mechanics in their daily tasks, while adding transparency for customers.


​The MSA application supports service advisors by showing up to date information about vehicles, customers and work orders, based on data coming straight from the dealer management system.


Service Advisors use the application to accept cars that come in for maintenance and mention customer requirements and make product suggestions. During the maintenance process, mechanics take pictures and videos of worn brake pads, for example. Service advisors then share these with the customer. Through the app they add this information to the work orders. All comments, repairs, photos, videos and suggestions are shared with the customers via a .pdf file. Service advisors have access to a web portal to streamline this information.


Pon Automotive was looking for a solution to increase customer satisfaction and stimulate sales of products. In addition, the solution had to save time in the work process of service advisors.

Our solution

Xplore Group developed the Mobile Service Assistant app, including the connection to the dealer management system, the user management system and the customer portal.


  • Swift
  • Ruby


Over 150 dealer locations across 6 brands use the application, enabling more than 600 users to streamline their workflows, while increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.