It’s all about the UX of a website

Preparing the development of a new website is an intense and demanding process. Xplore Group paved the way for Sibelga’s new website, from the first customer journey analysis to wireframes.

Sibelga is the only distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas in the 19 communes of the Brussels Capital Region. Sibelga is also responsible for reading meters and for validating and administering consumption data. The company has around a thousand employees.


Sibelga called on Xplore Group for the design of a new website. During interactive workshops, Xplore Group collected information about the goals and KPIs of the website. Based on the objectives, tasks, needs and pains of the user groups, different personas were created. Xplore Group defined goal-based customer journey maps for each persona, as well as a multi-channel content strategy, including a digital strategy and a communication plan for each target group.

Xplore Group developed a general digital architecture, with the website as one of the channels to support the customer. Online tree tests were set up to evaluate the hierarchical structure – or tree – of the website. In a next step, Xplore Group developed wireframes, again validated in user tests. Finally, the validated and optimized wireframes were annotated to support the future development partner.


In a next project phase, Xplore Group will assist Sibelga with the selection, briefing and follow-up of the development partner. Xplore Group’s focus will mainly be on monitoring the business and end-user requirements. Once the new website is launched, Xplore Group remains responsible for conversion optimization.


Sibelga needed a new website, as part of a new digital architecture.

Our solution

Xplore Group designed Sibelga’s new website: from the first customer journey analysis to wireframes.


  • Creation of personas and customer journey maps
  • UX analysis
  • End-user validation
  • Information architecture 
  • Tree testing
  • Wireframing
  • Selection, briefing and follow-up of development partner
  • Conversion optimization


Sibelga’s new website will be easy to navigate, user-friendly and customer-focused.