Spring is coming

Spring developers from all over the world met in San Francisco during SpringOne. And of course, Faros joined the party as well.

Faros is Xplore Group’s Spring competence center. Just like Spring I/O in Barcelona, we tick SpringOne in our agendas as an event we just can’t afford to miss. Pivotal Labs – the organization behind SpringOne – built the conference’s program on three pillars: Spring (the framework), CloudCloud Foundry and Pivotal Labs.

Most Java developers are already familiar with the Spring ecosystem. The framework helps them develop innovative cloud applications. Spring’s current focus is mostly on reactive programming. Cloud Foundry is a PaaS solution that allows application roll-out based on the principle of CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery). Pivotal Labs, third main theme of the conference, offers support to companies that prefer agile development methodologies, including XP (Extreme Programming). They are often used in projects that rewrite and modernize legacy systems.

Our experts off to San Francisco

Faros sent a delegation of experts to SpringOne. And we sure didn’t go unnoticed. Being the huge Game Of Thrones fans we are, we had some shirts printed saying ‘Spring is coming’. That gave us a lot of attention.

For three days, we found ourselves going from one presentation or demo to the other. Obviously, we also took the opportunity to meet some of our heroes. As a Spring specialist, it doesn’t happen every day you get the chance to talk to someone like Pivotal’s Josh Long. (Watch the video report here) We also took some photos with Vaughn Vernon. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any of Vernon’s ‘Domain-driven design’ books with us. We hope to get them autographed some other time…

Three days of inspiration

Once again, SpringOne offered three days full of inspiration. The many tips and tricks, shared experiences and novelties we discovered will help us in what we do at Faros. (Be sure to read our blog about Spring Webflux. + link) This way, we put Faros on the map as Xplore Group’s Spring competence center, bigger and better than ever. Our next appointment is Spring I/O in Barcelona, May 24 and 25. Hope to see you then!

Faros is Xplore Group’s Spring competence center. We train our employees to become Spring Professional Developers. Over the years, we have been building experience through numerous Spring projects. Faros supplies the trainers for the official Spring Pivotal training sessions in Belgium and Europe.

Author: Jeroen Sterken, 5 feb 2018