Our recruitment journey

There is no such thing as a standardised recruitment journey, but we do like to build a personalised one. Let us walk you through the story of Tuur, our recruiter and Mitch, one of our recent hires.

Recruiting new employees isn’t the easiest assignment for technology companies. Strong IT professionals are frequently bombarded by work offers from hundreds of recruiters. Even in this market, our companies grow quickly. But just how do we manage to attract this many passionate new colleagues?


Today, we’ll zoom in on how a typical recruitment story looks like at Xplore Group. Spoiler alert: there is no ‘typical approach’, every procedure is unique, focused on the ambitions and skills of our candidates.


Writing a blog about this, without losing yourself into a generic sounding marketing message isn’t easy. That’s why we asked Humix to help us out, our analytics, user experience and personalization competence center. With their help, we learned how to build a customer journey including each touchpoint, pain and need, which we built into the candidate journey of Mitch & Tuur.


To map this journey, our colleague Tuur locked himself into an office with our recent graduate Mitch, digging up old skeletons. They reviewed each and every touchpoint and contact Mitch had with either Tuur or Xplore Group throughout the application process. Craftily compiled into a ‘candidate journey’ by Tuur, it tells us the story of how Mitch evolved from a young developer who had never heard of Xplore Group into an enthusiastic and motivated employee.


For Mitch, we went ‘the extra mile’, because he was worth doing just that, just as everyone is, always has been and always will be at Xplore Group.

Author: Tuur Geens, Dries Claerhout & Luc Vos, 28 mar 2019

Feeling motivated to experience your own, personalised candidate journey with tuur or one of our recruitment colleagues?