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Xplore Group, chairman and initiator of Expert Group Marketplaces 2020 – starting your own platform within ShoppingTomorrow, the knowledge network for digital commerce in the Netherlands.


ShoppingTomorrow is an initiative that brings (+300) e-commerce professionals together in an exclusive and active network. Aiming to provide insight for the industry. Every year, various expert groups conduct research into a hot topic in the e-commerce or digital commerce market. This year, Xplore Group is chairman and initiator of expert group Marketplaces 2020.

This 21-strong expert group examines what considerations and decisions need to be made when starting up your own marketplace.

Why Xplore Group & Expert Group Marketplaces 2020 – starting your own platform

For manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers alike, it is very important to know where the world of marketplaces is going. Is it gaining in popularity?  Are there important developments, new functionalities or suppliers…?

This knowledge is gathered by marketplace experts such as Xplore Group.

For years you can count on the services of Xplore Group, so that your company can continue to compete successfully, respond quickly to customer expectations and be and remain scalable. In addition, Xplore Group is a reliable partner to develop a marketplace using the leading Mirakl software.

We are happy to share our knowledge and best practices gained over the years, including through this expert group.

The core value of expert group Marketplaces 2020 – starting your own platform

Our aim is to give a clear answer as to why it is now (or not) the time to set up a marketplace, to explain how to decide whether it is smart to start a marketplace – how it works and how to attract buyers and sellers.

To provide enough perspective, we always investigate from different angles. For example, we look at product- as well as service-oriented platforms – putting ourselves in the shoes of both seller and buyer – in both B2B and B2C areas.

This group meets 5 times per research year to discuss new findings and developments. Conclusions are collected and processed into a detailed whitepaper that provides business leaders with strategic advice and insight on why, when and how to participate in platform economics.

The 2020 marketplaces are alive and kicking:

We all use success stories from the platform economy. You order something on or Zalando, book an overnight stay on AirBnB, use Uber… These are all examples of companies that grew into dominating marketplaces in a short period of time. Today we are investigating which set-up is needed to grow into the next marketplace giant.


The following topics and questions are on our research program


1.    Strategy to create an e-commerce marketplace.

  • Preconditions for platforms
  • Value for customers, suppliers and operators
  • Strengthen own brand
  • Channel conflicts

2.    How do you set up your own e-commerce marketplace?

  • Technology
  • Logistics
  • Legal aspects

3.    How do you get sellers and customers on your platform?

  • Finding the match between supply and demand
  • Attracting customers
  • Attracting sellers
  • What additional services are required


Good news! Our findings will also be discussed extensively during the e-commerce event:    



In doubt about the role your company can play within the platform economy? Need help building such a marketplace? Do you have other specific questions? Niels Jaspers, Xplore Groups platform expert, will be happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to send him an e-mail!

Author: Niels Jaspers, 25 sept 2020

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