A review of 1 year RoboRana

Meanwhile you may already know RoboRana. We are a young and enthusiastic start-up, specialized in building robust Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. We partner with the most important RPA software vendors. We not only love to help our customers build RPA solutions, but also support them with training and guide them through a challenging RPA journey.

In July 2017, RoboRana, a specialized Robotics Competence Center within the Cronos Group, was founded by Mathias Fransen. It is certainly not a lie that our start-up has been attractive to all kinds of talent since the beginning. We now consist of a balanced mix of no less than 14 driving forces with talent in developing software robots, assessment and analysis of processes, infrastructure set up, project management and intelligent automation with the help of AI.


We develop the robots, but the robots also develop us into who we are today: a close and driven team under the motto “work hard, play harder”. If we don’t make robots, we always make time for a sometimes heavy kickermatch at our office in the afternoon. Because the combination of our approach and the technology can very quickly demonstrate tangible added value to our customers, we are always looking for enthusiastic people with interest in automating processes on the one hand and joining our kicker team on the other.

We originally started developing robots in UiPath, a convenient and accessible tool, and then expanded our knowledge to a wide range of RPA software tools such as Blue Prism, Thoughtonomy or Automation Anywhere (via IBM). Our partnerships with these tools allow us to always choose the right tool for our automation needs. But that’s not all: as a tool-agnostic Robotics Center, we are constantly looking for new cognitive technologies to expand our RPA craft and to respond even better to the wishes of our customers.


And when we talk about customers, we can say that our customer base is growing exponentially, spread across Flanders and Brussels. Of course it is quality and not quantity that counts. That’s why we can be proud that – even though we once started with the pure development of robots – we can now also assist customers with the successful scaling up of an RPA solution, the training of internal staff at the customer, the expansion of processes in scope for RPA, the setting up of multiple robots, the design of the RPA strategy to the collection of all possible blocking factors that can give the RPA story a different direction within an organisation.

So that the RoboRana story never gets boring, that has been the case for a long time: every day is different, every automated process looks different, every software works in a different way and the contact with people and processes at our customers remain fascinating. That is why we continue to follow the latest technologies and want to expand our customer base. But in order to do that, we also need to grow. And of course we do this by attracting the right talents.

Have you become interested to discover what RPA can do for you? Don't hesitate and contact RoboRana. They will give you a warm welcome and guide in your RPA story.

Author: Mathias Fransen, 5 dec 2018