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Client Torfs

Mobile-first optimizes online conversion rate at Torfs

Torfs’ e-commerce strategy is based on an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to shop online, mobile and through in-store kiosks. To guarantee the customer’s seamless shopping experience and improve online conversion, Xplore Group implemented a mobile-first approach.

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Client Sibelga

It’s all about the UX of a website

Preparing the development of a new website is an intense and demanding process. Xplore Group paved the way for Sibelga’s new website, from the first customer journey analysis to wireframes.
Client Philips

Making near-real-time publishing a reality

Xplore Group successfully designed a data syndication platform for Philips. The solution provides near-real-time publishing of product-related content to a multitude of output channels, reducing the throughput time from 12 hours to a couple of minutes.