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Client Torfs

Mobile-first optimizes online conversion rate at Torfs

Torfs’ e-commerce strategy is based on an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to shop online, mobile and through in-store kiosks. To guarantee the customer’s seamless shopping experience and improve online conversion, Xplore Group implemented a mobile-first approach.

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Client Xplore Group

Physiotherapy to the next level

Xplore Group developed a robot that allows a physiotherapist to monitor a patient’s gait more efficiently and accurately. At the same time, the physiotherapist no longer depends on a traditional, permanent camera set-up.
Client Pon Automotive

Increased customer satisfaction thanks to the mobile service assistant – app

Xplore Group developed a mobile application that supports Pon Automotive’s service managers. At the same time, the app increased the level of customer satisfaction.
Client Freight Tracking System

Say goodbye to delays thanks to an optimised just-in-time process

Just-in-time is a well-known basic principle in car manufacturing. But what if production parts are stuck in traffic or a supplier can’t produce the requested parts in time? Xplore Group’s Freight Tracking System provides a global overview, enabling suppliers to take the right actions at the right time, long before their customer’s production line comes to a grinding halt.
Client Fabory

Making optimal use of MDM, that’s how you do it

With the help of Xplore Group, Fabory dramatically improved the performance and usability of its MDM implementation.
Client VDAB

Searching for work becomes child’s play

Specific training can greatly increase someone’s chances of finding a job. At VDAB, a big data application set up by Xplore Group predicts what chances you have of finding a job and how long it will take. This insight allows for more personalized guidance.
Client Pizza Hut

Conversion and customer relationship optimization go hand-in-hand

Pizza Hut Belgium is strongly committed to online customer experience. Xplore Group redesigned the pizza restaurant’s website, enabling it to better handle peak demand. The website was also expanded functionally.