Craftworkz: AI and the keys to success

Putting dedication to your passion clearly increases the chances of being successful. That was the key message presented by Craftworkz at ‘Keys to success’, an inspirational workshop about technology for students in second-chance education.

‘Keys to success’ took place last February and Craftworkz, one of the speakers, was present. Cronos set up the event in close collaboration with Give a Day, an organization that offers tools to people and businesses, enabling them to work together – and as volunteers – on societal challenges. At the event, students in second-chance education followed presentations and workshops about IT competences, passion and finding one’s way in life.

No experience required

One of the presentations about IT competences offered an insight on artificial intelligence. The goal of the session was to demonstrate that you don’t really need an academic degree to get started with AI. Anyone with some basic programming skills is fit to integrate AI services into applications.


However, not all of the event’s participants already were aware of what AI is. Some didn’t even have any programming experience. That’s why the presentation started with a general introduction to AI and machine learning. Because before you start integrating technology, you at least have to understand what that technology is capable of.


As theory isn’t everything, there also was plenty of time to explain the ins and outs of AI while discussing a wide array of AI-based applications and use cases. The main focus was on the conceptual process, from design to AI-powered application. At Craftworkz, for example, we tend to use a lot of so-called AI services: pre-configured AI components that are easy to integrate, even if you have little to no AI precognition.

Motivated, interested, ambitious

The event’s conclusion was clear: ‘Keys to success’ offered the students a fun and educational experience. All participants were extremely motivated and interested. It was also very interesting to see how Craftworkz specialists and students debated several topics following a presentation or workshop. One thing is certain: second-chance education is full of students with ambition and entrepreneurial spirit.

Craftworkz is the Xplore Group company that builds prototypes based on technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and chatbots. The path from concept to commercial product is long and full of obstacles. Craftworkz helps smooth the path offering Prototyping as a Service, including services such as early user testing and fast bottleneck detection.

Author: Deevid De Meyer, 15 mar 2018