A new study on Xplore Group’s track record

Two people looking at printed plans stuck on a wall, project management and discussions.

The Project-management landscape in Belgium – Anno 2020 and the coming decade.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

During the past years, Xplore Group has proven to be a group of highly skilled and innovative engineers. As AWS Advanced Partner, we have also proven our skills in Cloud Computing.

Immersive technology

Retailers need to leverage immersive technologies to solve the retailpocalypse.

Radio Raccoons

With their technology podcasts, the young entrepreneurs of Raccoons Group want to give an interpretation of the latest trends in all things tech and find an answer to the questions they raise.

Joining VITO as a starter

“With a junior profile, you have endless possibilities to extend yourself and, at the same time, develop a broad base. This gives – both starters and customers – the chance to assume several different tasks and spheres of action,” recalls Hans, DevOps Engineer at FlowFactor.

A day in the life of… bid officer Bo

Meet BO. She’s the newest addition to the Xplore Group Bid Office team

Our recruitment journey

There is no such thing as a standardised recruitment journey, but we do like to build a personalised one. Let us walk you through the story.

A review of 1 year RoboRana

Meanwhile you may already know RoboRana. We are a young and enthusiastic start-up, specialized in building robust Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Maximum learning through tailor-made internship

The marketing students of the Karel de Grote Hogeschool end their final year with a four-month internship. Michaël Engelen looks back on his internship at YellowGround, an Xplore Group company.

The name is planner: Optaplanner

How do you work efficiently with the planning of a limited set of resources (employees, vehicles, classrooms, …) that are clustered with a lot of rules that, in an optimal world, must not be broken?